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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dungeon Hack (1993)

Dungeon Hack is a role playing game based on the Dungeons and Dragons world, and developed by DreamForge Intertainment and Strategic Simulations Inc, in 1993. The game is basically a '3D' dungeon crawling

On game launch, you are greeted with an animated intro, featuring voice acting, (Which is top-notch, better than I expected) about the storyline.

After the intro, you get to the main menu. From there you can either view the intro a second time, continue from a saved game, choose a new character and start off from a different generated dungeon, or create a new character.

Here, I choose to create my new character. I didn't want to spend to much time on this sheet, but there really isn't that many things to do. You pick your class, sex, race, and alignment. Some of the options cancel out other- An evil gnome cannot be a Paladin, while a Lawful Half-elf cannot be a thief. Then, you roll on your stats. You can re-roll if you do not like what you are generated.

 Next, you pick your name, and face. Some of the faces look strange, (Third one, top row, first one, bottom.) and this goes with both genders.

I decide to choose the strangest one there and name him Chuckles.

After this, the game generates a dungeon for you. Each dungeon is randomly generated, and there are endless possibilities to the dungeons, giving it great replay value.

 This is the UI. On the left, you have your inventory and clothing. You are given rations and some gear to begin with. On the top is your HP and Food, which you need to keep both up or you will end up dead.
On the bottom-left is your map, a top down display. Beside that is your character portrait, and your two action bars. You can equip weapons to use here. Combat is simple- You stand in front of your enemy and click, or you can move around and click, as long as you are in reach. You also have a big chance of missing. Beside that is your four direction compass, and your direction panel. Movement is done with the arrow keys, and turning is done by clicking the turning buttons on the direction panel. Right in the middle, is a Hobgoblin- a general type of monster in this generated dungeon.

During your quest in the dungeons, you mainly need to find keys, objects, and other trinkets to solve puzzles.  Gear and weapons can be found or dropped from monsters.

Here is one example of a puzzle. That Carnelian I picked up can be inserted into the wall to open a door to my left to continue on in the dungeon. This specific puzzle was poorly generated- sometimes the object you require is sitting right beside the puzzle.

Once you find the exit of the dungeons, after slashing through monsters and the undead, you are greeted with another dungeon. You repeat this process until you get to your final dungeon.

The death screen is a simple scoreboard, and contains all of the records for the default game.

Overall, Dungeon hack is a game for boredom and rainy days. It doesn't have much to offer besides a fun time and ultimate replay value. To play this on your system, you require a computer running DOS or you can use DOS box. Copies of this game can be found online, but I'm not sure about retail.

I give this game a rating of 60/100% in total.

Of course though, I'm not a professional reviewer. You should definitly play the games I rate, even if I give them a low rating. Also check other sources. Comment if you think this deserves a lower or higher rating, and why.

Have fun!

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