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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Legend of Grimrock has been released!

Legend of Grimrock, an old-school styled dungeon crawler inspired by Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, has been released. This game is based around exploring a dungeon with a party of four customizable characters, solving problems and puzzles, slaying monsters and finding ancient artifacts and tombs.

"Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawling role playing game with an oldschool heart but a modern execution. A group of prisoners are sentenced to certain death by exiling them to the secluded Mount Grimrock for vile crimes they may or may not have committed. Unbeknownst to their captors, the mountain is riddled with ancient tunnels, dungeons and tombs built by crumbled civilizations long perished now. If they ever wish to see daylight again and reclaim their freedom the ragtag group of prisoners must form a team and descend through the mountain, level by level."

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Steam has gone mobile!

So, today, steam has gone mobile with an app for phones and ipods. Seems rather interesting, although I still need to buy an actual phone that supports it.


Hi. Here's a picture of a hedgehog smoking some weed.